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“Your life didn’t turn out the way you'd planned, what now?”

Do you know anyone that thought they were living the fairytale dream?

The love story and family life that leaves others envious?

Someone that thought they were doing all the right things only to have it come crashing down before their eyes?

Is it you?

Toni specializes in helping people come back after those dreams get shattered. By taking you through the Clarity Point coaching program Toni will help you:

  • to rediscover your real purpose

  • eliminate the pain of regrets

  • teach you skills to become both confident and resilient

  • overcome fear and find joy and gratitude

  • create a more fulfilling life than you ever imagined!  


There is no shame in what you have been through. Sadness? Anger? Disappointment and Fear? Yes, all the things. But you are so much more than this!


Life will beat you down at times, but EVERYTHING you need is inside of you and I can help you on this path to tap into that power within.

There is so much hope left still, you can do this!!!


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are, and change the ending!”



“If you’re still looking for that person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”



“Sometimes things have to fall apart, for them to fall together.”




Take the Free Clarity Assessment and find out which fears and beliefs are creating your sense of unhappiness right now. 


We will send you FREE a 20 page report about how you are currently seeing the world.


Personal Mindset Coach

Toniann Kubie

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Ways to contact Toniann:


Text, Phone, FaceTime, or Zoom

Native Utahan, turned Texan

Toni thought she had the picture perfect life. Married to the man of her dreams shortly after high school; active in her faith, family dinner together every night, weekly date nights, never a lack for affection. ALL the things we’re taught to do. Only to discover without any warning, a hidden life of secrets and lies in her husband of almost 20 years.


As a stay at home mom of 6 kids, and no college degree, she found herself alone in another state devastated and scared.


Though she never imagined her life turning out this way, Toni has been able to overcome! She has found more joy and purpose in her life than she ever thought possible.


She has a unique capacity to love others, in their raw, unfiltered, authentic selves and is full of compassion and empathy. She is passionate about connection; rejecting the shame culture; and helping people to know that they are not alone. She is positive and strong and wants to help as many as she can to discover that even when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned, there is still so much HOPE!


 ClarityPoint Certified

Independent Professional Coach


Something I have struggled to do is be vulnerable. Working with Toni made being vulnerable easy because she is so kind and nonjudgmental. You can feel it the first time you work with her. She has a warm and uplifting personality. After every session, I felt full of energy and confident that I could make some real changes in my life. I highly recommend working with Toni. She has helped me see my life, and my challenges, in a new and better way.

-Cristi Hall


Toni was born to help others and her gifts as a life coach are extremely impressive! 
She has had so many life experiences that have given her the lens to view things from a different perspective, where she can have empathy and understanding for a variety of different situations. Toni is the best listener I've ever known, and her advice and wisdom have always given me clarity and hope with decisions and setbacks. She is confident and doesn't withhold true feelings of what she feels needs to be said. She is always loving and kind, and is the most thoughtful person I know!

I can't imagine where I would I'd be had it not been for Toni and her ability to help with situations I would never be able to navigate!

-Missy Wright


Toni was a Life Coach before she even got certified. She truly is amazing! She is the rock that you can rely on in any circumstance. She has helped me through some of my hardest days. She was born to help people! She never judges, only sympathizes with you. She can help you see a different perspective for any trial you might be facing! Not to mention all she’s been through! Those hard times have helped her to relate in so many ways, which is so great. Because not only do we all just need that shoulder to not only cry on, but to relate with? She is truly the best!

-Kaylee Petersen

Working with Toni has been a wonderful experience. Toni is a warm and friendly coach who has a way of communicating that allows for vulnerability and trust to exist. The Claritypoint Program allowed me to reflect and discuss the important aspects of how I was living my life. Discovering “why“ I act in certain ways, from a position of fear or love, was a real eye-opener. I highly recommend Toni and the Claritypoint Program if you are looking to establish a clear path forward with a healthy and honest perspective.
-Paul (Professional Certified Coach)



Take the free
Clarity Assessment

Get your 20 page report 


FIRST - Set up one introductory appointment with a Coach and give coaching a try. See if you like it and the Claritypoint approach.

If you like it, you have a couple options:

Small Group Coaching - These groups have 4-6 women or men. The sessions are done by conference call, every other week for six months. (So you can do the program from the comfort of your home.)You spend 1.5-2 hours with your coach learning the material, having discussions and experiences together as a group. You also have daily homework in between sessions. This consists of a small reading assignment and some journal writing.  Many people love the group format because they learn so much from each other and make some great friends.  This is the most inexpensive way to experience coaching.

Executive Life Coaching - You can work with a coach one on one, meeting weekly to experience the Claritypoint process in it's most life changing format.  You will gain rock-solid self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, time management, motivation repair, and cure your fear of failure forever. This process will be customized to fit your specific needs and schedule. 




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