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International Human Behavior Expert
Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer
Master Personal and Executive Coach

Coach Kim's articles, books, podcasts, and programs have already reached over 4 million people worldwide. She is a sought after executive coach, author and speaker.  She has had over 550 articles published in newspapers and magazines reaching people all over the world. She has appeared on many local and national TV and radio programs (over 200 appearances) including Good Morning America, who named her one of the top 10 Advice Gurus in the Country. Her advice has also been featured on
Her unique way of making psychology, mental, emotional, and social health simple and easy, are helping people around the world eliminate suffering and gain clarity (the ability to see people and situations accurately). She has invented a new system to understand your thinking and eliminate the fear that causes your negative thoughts and bad behavior.



“I didn’t know what i needed when I found Kim online,  I thought I was doing very well as a business owner, feeling that life was great but something was missing, I wanted to get to another level of something? 

So I thought i would look for a life coach when Kim introduced what her program was I couldn’t believe what I was hearing it seemed that she was telling me everything I needed help in that I didn’t know that I needed. 

Now that I have gone through her program I can’t express the gratitude for this remarkable woman and this program that she has put together. 12 Sessons of incredible life changing lessons that I couldn’t wait to get through. 

She has taught me how to trust God and the universe, to see myself and others that we are all the same that trust and love can and does replace fear and loss. Life is so different today than before I started this course I was arrogant, loud, I knew everything, I had an opinion of everything, I’m the guy who cut you off in traffic, I didn’t have any friends. 

After taking her course I learned that I was ok and I needed to learn how to trust people, how to communicate with others, she really taught me how to grow up at 60. 

I am confident in myself like never before, I have clarity of who I am and how to communicate with others I listen to them and put my stuff on the shelf and I ask permission before I speak, I am more quiet and my driving is relaxing and no more cutting people off. I have so much peace in my life now, more than I ever had in my life Thank You Kim, I owe you a debt of gratitude.” -Mark

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Salt Lake City, UT


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Kimberly Giles is the innovator of the ClarityPoint Coaching Process and the Founder of ClarityPoint Coaching. She is the author of the book Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness. She serves on the board of the Mountain West National Speakers Association and is a member of the Forbes Magazine Coaches Council.

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"I completed Clarity Coaching in 2011.  I love this program and I loved working with Kim!   I learned so many great skills in Level 1, such as being in a state of love, verses being in a state of fear.  The first course gave me many tools and a foundation to help me in life and dealing with others.  

I’ve still been struggling with loving and forgiving myself.  I knew the tools with Kim, but I still wasn’t at peace with myself.   I found myself watching videos on You Tube, listening to books, podcasts, signing  up for different courses all in the hopes of finding this inner peace I was searching.   It seemed like no matter what I tried, or how hard I worked, I could not find that true self-love and forgiveness.

I was cleaning my basement and found my binder of the Clarity Coaching course.  I started to review the level 1 course and started re-working the program on my own as a tune up.  Still was struggling mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

I started working with Kim on the Level 2 course.  I didn’t know what to expect, or how it could make much of a difference from Level 1.  I am only on session 3, but I can honestly tell you, this course is changing my life!!  I believe working with Kim is a true miracle from God.   For the first time in a long time, I’m finding hope, feeling peace, and remembering the true, real me. 

Course 1 is on learning the skills of this program.  Course 2 is on applying the skills on a deep and personal level.   Kim promised me I would change by working this program.  I didn’t think that was possible.  I felt beyond hopeless.    I have been working with Kim for several weeks now.  I am truly changing!  My confidence is increasing, my happiness is increasing.  I am acting more assertively and confidently in my work and personal life.  I am seeing my past in a new light.  I no longer am viewing my past as a failure, but truly as a classroom and a learning experience.

I have been working to re-write the stories of my past for years.  In one session, Kim was able to help me clearly see a new way to look at a problem, a mistake, a failure in my eyes and helped me to see it as a perfect learning opportunity for me.  This was a life-changing session.

Kim is absolutely genuine and loving.  She truly cares.  She can see the perfectness of each human being and help others to see their worth.  An hour with her is more precious and valuable than anything else I could do.  I am experiencing this profound feeling I haven’t felt in a long while – this feeling called hope!  I am having hope that I am okay and perfect exactly as I am!  I am feeling peace, happiness and light.  I believe with all my heart that by the completion of this program I will find the love and forgiveness I have been searching so long for.

I believe in this program and in Kim with every fiber of my being.   I can testify that this program is truly a positive and life changing program. I think Kim is the most amazing person and the best life coach available. It is truly an honor working with her!  You will find the answers you are searching for.  You will find the true you.  You will find peace, love and happiness working with Kim.   I honestly and completely recommend this Level 2 program to anyone wanting to improve, learn new skills, heal from the past, and love and accept others and yourself.  This program is invaluable and a priceless investment in you!"  - Valynne Bowers



"The impact Kim Giles has made in my life is incalculable. Through Clarity Point I discovered the deep rooted fear that dominated every. aspect. of. my. life. Kim’s guidance has given me the ability to live a life motivated by love rather than fear. It’s a gift I can never repay."   

- Judi Bell

"The Clarity Point Program will change your life! With the help of Kim, I was able to unravel deep seeded beliefs that were destroying important relationships in my life and deteriorating my self confidence. This program is designed to teach, motivate and inspire change from within. Kim is a master coach that asks perceptive questions and encourages personal growth. The journey this program will take you on is priceless!"
-Shanna Swayne


"Kim has changed my life!  What used to be my automatic response to my son and how he acts is now tempered with T&L - Trust and Love.  As soon as I start to flare up in reaction to something, I now take a deep breath, understand that my response needs to change, and it has already produced 200% improvement in my relationship to him.  It's like HE was the one who received the best 15th birthday present from his Dad!"

-Benoy Tamang


"The Clarity Point coaching program has been phenomenal.  It has been a life changer for me.   I have appreciated the insight from Kim and expertise she has shared with me through this journey."

- Heather Conley


"Kim’s coaching program is life-changing. I now operate out of love and trust in instances where I previously operated out of fear. My relationships with my various family members are drastically improved. I have finally executed the financial, nutritional, and exercise systems that I had procrastinated implementing in my life. No more excuses…I life of purpose and integrity awaits those willing to work this coaching program."

-Sean Barnett


" I wanted to thank you for all of the help that you were able to give me.  I have recorded "My Keys" as I refer to it, and listen to it as a refresher.  I feel like I have a fresh outlook with so many parts in my life. I am proud to say that I have made a lot of improvement at home. I know I still have a lot to improve on, but I am happy with how far I have come. Work is going well and life with my family is improving.
Thanks again for everything! I am truly grateful that I was led to your program."
-Roger Y

'This really has been an adventure the past 6 months. I appreciate all that you have taught me through your session materials and our discussions, you really did put your stuff aside and listen to me each time we met. I still have a ways to go, but WOW!  What a difference for me. I do look at this as a new beginning in life for me. I see life much clearer and with better understanding of myself, my purpose in it and how to better interact with those around me.

Thank you so much! (What an understatement!)"

-Tim M.

"Everyone faces fear, particularly in today’s world.  Kim’s universally true principles of human worth and courage empower each of us to gain safe ground despite the perils we may face.  Those principles, combined with her powerful tools to utilize them in daily living, create a one-two punch that, with practice, can lift any person, man or woman, from fear to safety. I cannot recommend these principles and tools highly enough. They incorporate the best of humanity and take those who are willing to make the journey into a place where faith, courage and hope take center stage over their opposite and crippling counterfeits, despair, fear and hopelessness.

Please take a chance to change yourself, read her book…and then go and change the world!"

- Mark Richards, Business Owner

"Thanks to Kim, I am now a more positive person than I ever was before. Kim is warm, compassionate, funny and non-judgmental. She truly exemplifies her advice by always coming from a place of love with whatever questions and comments she feels are necessary for her client's growth. She deeply cares about her clients, who become friends for life."  -C. Merz

There are hundreds of published articles giving advice on every topic you can imagine related to relationships, self-esteem, success and living well.

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"Kim is simply incredible! She has been through more trials and tribulations than most people I know, and her life experiences have given her amazing insights into her clients needs. She changed my life and I will be forever grateful." -J. Tingey


"You got the right coach in Kim. Her experiences and her genuine caring for others make her the right choice. She cares about you as a person and honors what is right for you. I highly recommend her."  -Sandy C.

"After years of searching for the right kind of direction, only Kim and her program have opened my eyes to the real me. I could never have imagined how much of an amazingly valued individual that I am without Clarity Point. No therapist, religious leader, or book has given me the insight that I've received from this program." -M. Hollingshead

"Working with Kim made an amazing difference in my life.  I knew there were things that weren't working in my life, but I wasn't ale to understand why.  Kim had the tools to help me be able to actually see the things I needed to change.  There were times I could see what needed to be done differently, but I wasn't willing to give up some old patterns or habits, and she was right there, helping me see the “games” I was playing.  I am grateful to have met her, and to have had the opportunity to work with her!"  -Brittney Gonder

"I attended a meeting tonight and heard you speak!  I just wanted to THANK YOU and tell you that you made a big difference in my life.  I have continued thinking about the things you taught all night and I am confident it will be a life changer for me. Thank you so much for giving of your time and  gifts to us. You are teaching true principles and it felt so good! You are truly a beautiful person and radiate the love that you teach about!  Thank you again.   May God bless you and your family forever!" - J. Hansen

Claritypoint has and is changing the way I go about living. These principles are making my life so much better, they are filled with wonderful challenges and understanding, even for a 69 year old woman, you can teach an old dog new tricks The Universal truths that Kim has captured and teaches in a step by step format, are a profound and joyous way to see life, filled with awe and freedom from fear, pain and anguish. I can now feel my value, and that what we call bad behavior is a cry for real acceptance.  My great thanks and gratitude for and to Kimberly Giles.   –Dawne Hole

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