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CHOOSING CLARITY: The Path to Fearlessness    by Kimberly Giles

This book teaches a simple system to fix what’s wrong in your life.


It shows you how to make some simple but fundamental changes in how you think about and see yourself and life – changes which change how you feel about everything.

This book gives you all the tools you need to remove fear and gain Clarity – the ability to see yourself, other people and life accurately. From a place of Clarity you will make better choices and create better relationships.

This book shows you how to escape fear and live in the light of trust and love. It provides simple formulas and steps, which will guide you to appropriate behavior and more happiness.


It teaches communication, relationship and people skills which help people who are struggling and unhappy - become happy, confident, whole, secure, grounded, safe and strong in every situation.


It is simply the one book everyone should read.



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More Praise for Choosing Clarity:


H. Johnson reviewed Choosing Clarity

March 29, 2016

This book has changed my thinking and has given so many tools with which to improve myself.
I can see immediate results in my interactions with my husband, children and the people with whom I work.
The author's advice to drop the list of offenses by others is mind changing for me. She is spot on when she says how difficult it will be to do this because that list "is proof positive" that I must be right and he must be wrong, again!
I have done some of the recommended writing, however I chose to read the book in its entirety then go back and retread it and delve into the writing piece.
This is a book that I can envision reading again and again.
Thank you, Kim Giles, for this wonderful resource.


One of the best books I have ever read 

January 21, 2016

One of the best books I have ever read. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little clarity in life. I have let several friends borrow my copy and they all agree that it offers excellent advice. A must have for any self-help library!


Must read!!! Love this book.. 

January 17, 2016

I love this book. It changed my life and anyone who reads it will greatly benefit from that experience


“The principles this book is built on is what makes it so effective.  They are true principles.  Because of that, they will help anyone who wants to improve their relationships and heal what's hurting them. The formulas and tools give life to these principles.  Use them - This program works.”  


Phyllis Allen


“The Claritypoint principles have changed the way I view myself and the world around me. The formulas and tools really work if you apply them. Your "victim" thinking habits will change and you will find you can take charge of your life. Even past failures, when the tools are used, become stepping stones for fulfillment and achievement. I highly recommend Choosing Clarity for anyone with an honest desire to increase self-esteem and heal your relationships.”


Joani Evans, Business Owner & Grandma



“I use the formulas and principles every day.  I use them at work and even when handling situations with my teenager. I have learned how to overcome my fears find happiness within myself, thanks to the Clarity Formula.  I am a new and improved me.”


Hollie Firth, Retail Store Manager



"I have nothing but positive things to say about this information! The principles Kim teaches are basic and universal, but her formulas, tools and worksheets clarify how those principles relate to you personally and how you can implement them in your own life. Once implemented, they are honestly life-changing. They have transformed me, my marriage and the way I look at life.  I'm so grateful."


Brianna McFarland (Wife & Mother)



“I can't say "Thank You" enough!  The tools and formulas in this book are life savers.  I still use them and reference them every day.  I have two young boys who are currently learning the Clarity points for Confident Kids too. I couldn't be happier - your principles, formulas and tools have taught me how to live life to the fullest. Thank you Coach Kim.”  


Sheri H,  Business Owner



“These principles are making my life so much better, they are filled with wonderful information, even for a sixty- nine year old woman - you can teach an old dog new tricks. The Universal truths that Kim teaches in a step by step format, are a profound and joyous way to see life, filled with awe and freedom from fear, pain and anguish. I can now feel my value and understand that what we call bad behavior is really a cry for real acceptance.  My great thanks and gratitude for Kimberly Giles.”  


Dawne Hole




"I am reading this book for the second time. This is a book I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their life." -Robert C.


"Kimberly Giles hit the nail on the head with her book. One of the best self help book ever written." - John Morgan


" I just want to express another thank you for your book. It’s like the light bulb turned on in my brain and heart. I had been suffering for so long and now my self-inflicted suffering is gone. My marriage will now survive and thrive. I just can’t believe how quickly sadness has changed to joy.  I thank you again for sharing your gift of insight and clarity because in a matter a just a few hours my life is clear, my future has meaning again and my joy is back."  Thank you, thank you!"  

- K B

Praise for Choosing Clarity:


" I just want to express another thank you for your book. My husband is reading it now and I’m buying it for all of my married children to read. It’s like the light bulb turned on in my brain and heart. I had been suffering for so long and now my self-inflicted suffering is gone. Your book made everything clear about this classroom called mortal life. Maybe the sudden drastic way this book has changed my way of thinking and my choices is the blessing I have rbeen hoping for. 
    The words: “Choosing Clarity” are also the perfect title words for what you have made clear in such a wonderful logical way. It’s my choice and I choose to love - not give in to fear.  I see how my fears were formed. My marriage of 37 years will now survive and thrive. My husband and our family will not suffer any longer because of my fears and judgment. I am finally free. I just can’t believe how quickly sadness has changed to joy.  I thank you again for sharing your gift of insight and clarity because in a matter a just a few hours my life is clear, my future has meaning again and my joy is back.

The funny thing is that your book contains truth that I have always believed in but for some reason I couldn’t put it all together in my mind and act on it consistently. I think it’s because I never understood the fear.  I will find a way to share your gift of insight with everyone I can!!   Thank you, thank you!"  

- K B



"In the book Kim asks you to truly look at yourself and to look at who you think you are and who you really can be.  In "Choosing Clarity" Kim doesn't just preach principles - she tells you how to apply them. She teaches how to overcome fear and disappointment, how to love, how to find yourself, how to trust and how to come out stronger and happier.”  


Don Hudson

News Anchor and Reporter



“This book is simple and practical – that is Kim's genius I think – to make life-changing principles simple enough for anyone to understand and practical enough for everyone to use.  A definite must read for anyone seeking lasting change in their life!”


Matt Townsend, Ph.D., Relationship Coach & Radio Show Host


"For the past 20-plus years of my life, a truly remarkable belief has helped me navigate through the best and worst. I believe the world is ruled by two powers: love and fear. Every time I found myself living in fear, it meant my only true solution was to add love to the equation, either to love myself more or to love the person I was battling. Kim Giles' book Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness is not just a light bulb in support of the power of love and fear; it’s a big, bright lighthouse that serves as a beacon of hope for those of us who need a practical, day-to-day, lifetime approach for addressing our fears and letting love rule. Read this book and apply the principles to your personal life, romantic relationships and your business life—the results will amaze you. Just apply it!"


Winn Claybaugh
Dean & Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools
Speaker and Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)


“Choosing love over fear works every time. You can’t go wrong when you focus on other people instead of yourself.”  -


Chad Hymas, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker



“This book is spot-on.  Fear can freeze us from the life we are meant to live. Kim Giles insightful recipe will help everyone compile the right ingrediants to live a life without fear, full of clarity and hope.”


Marti Skold
Anchor News 14 Carolina



"Kim has taken foundational principles that apply to every aspect of a person’s life and organized them in a way that allows for easy understanding and application. Whether in our homes, our neighborhood, our community, our church, or in the work place, these principles, when understood and applied, result in being able to more fully understand ourselves, others, and God. The formulas make it possible for us to see where change is needed, and at the same time, guide us through the change process."


Kirk Godfrey (Husband, Father, Educator, Trainer, Life Coach)



"Kim's book empowered me to approach current challenges in a healthier, more productive way. Thanks for blessing my life. I can’t wait for others to read it."


Brad Barton, CSPInspirational Keynote Speaker



“You must believe me when I say I have experienced tragedy beyond imagination. This material has given me more peace then I have had in years. I now see that I have not passed or failed the test of life, but instead completed some extremely difficult classes. This system has helped me live a life of more happiness then I have had in almost two decades.  Learning to look at life through trust and love will bring you peace.”

Thank you for giving me my life back!!


Jennifer Lyle, Vice President Sailing The Blues, Inc.

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