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Shanna Swayne

Anxiety Recovery Coach for LDS Women

Shanna is a life coach specializing in teaching LDS women how to successfully navigate and recover from anxiety.


Shanna developed a debilitating anxiety disorder that hit a breaking point in 2016, which dramatically changed her life. 


She experienced frequent panic attacks, hyperventilation, disorientation and mood swings—which led her to becoming housebound for a full year. Her anxiety was fed by fears of health concerns, the future, dying, food, socializing, being alone, and driving. 


A road to recovery from this anxiety disorder for Shanna was hard fought.  After countless hours of reading, coaching, praying and counseling, magic  happened when she learned that thoughts create feelings that drive behavior.

Shanna actively applied this principle and began to rebuild her life one thought at a time. 


Today Shanna is living her life in recovery with her husband of 19 years and four strong, independent daughters. She has gained firsthand experience about the journey, challenges and process of recovery from anxiety. 


Is anxiety holding you back from living a fulfilling and peaceful life by disguising itself as an excuse or limitation? 

Are you curious about how to transform your anxiety into a force for good in your life? 

Take your first step to recovery by connecting with Shanna through email and share your story with her!



Shanna is natural connector and is dedicated to helping other people. She has a gift to help others feel safe, validated, and understood. She has a heart of gold and in no time at all you feel as if she is a dear friend and confidant. Her own life experiences give her deep empathy and understanding; both invaluable attributes as a coach. 

Shanna is loving, strong, and dedicated to high principles. She brings light and love into the lives of others, and encourages growth and healing.

-Kimberly Staley 


Shanna was such a lifeline for me when I was struggling with anxiety. She was approachable as well as an empathetic coach and mentor. She was able to explain how to recognize and name anxiety and then teach valuable principles and strategies that I still use to this day. Shanna connects and relates with people effortlessly and then leads them to where she is, all the while, cheering them on. 

-Amber Welton


A valuable attribute of Shanna's is her kind and gentle nature. Her ability to listen deeply helps others to feel accepted while giving them permission to find value in their opinions and experiences. She accepts others where they are and helps strengthen their confidence to achieve their goals. She truly cares about the individual.

-Hilary Kreutz


We were given the opportunity to have Shanna Swayne help us with the issue we were having with our daughter after being abused. Shanna, with her coping skills and her own life experiences was able to give us the insight to get us though this tragic time. With her own experience, she taught us how to calm our fears and get us though. I highly recommend her as a life coach. 

-Kelly and Eric Dalen 



Working with Shanna was so helpful for my anxiety. She radiates peace and helps you build confidence in yourself to apply what you are learning.  Shanna is a wonderful listener and is invested in those she works with.
-Aimee Bauer


Shanna is very good at having a birds eye view and looking at all of the different angles of a situation and then asking questions to help the person to dig into their brain and start problem solving.

- Kelsey Kellett


Shanna has strong listening skills essential to being a life coach.  She genuinely cares about others without judgment and has that ability to listen and provide appropriate feedback in a way that puts others at ease and makes them feel heard. 

-Shelly McKinnon 


Shanna has compassion for others and shows awareness and understanding to those that are struggling.  Her desire to help, invites and encourages others to trust her and accept her proposed courses of action. Shanna has the ability to show compassion to all types of people in many different circumstances. 

-Tiffany Lowe


Shanna is very attentive when speaking to people. She is a wonderful listener and I feel she is very compassionate.  Every time I talk to her, I feel I have her full attention.  

-Kristina Edwards


Shanna is a genuine, caring friend, an excellent listener, and a spiritually strong woman. I adore her! 

-Lisa Moore


Shanna is so understanding, and I feel completely comfortable reaching out to her regarding anything—specifically, I love that I can reach out to her about my mental health. She do not judge and is aware of others needs. 

-Soren McKinnon

Shanna is the absolute BEST!!!! She has a natural gift of teaching and loving others. When I started with her, I was in panic mode, nearly all day everyday. It was exhausting! Within a very short period of time of working with Shanna, I was able to relax my body and mind. I went from survival mode to actually functioning and enjoying life again! She helped me overcome so many challenges!  She truly has been one of the biggest blessings in my life! 
-Jessica Nielson

Shanna is able to put people at ease and make them feel important. She has a happy personality and can make others laugh easily. She has a listening ear and sincerely cares about others and wants to help them.  Shanna has learned a lot from the anxiety she has confronted in her life, and uses her experiences to relate with others. She has been down that road and has learned how to rise above her challenges.
-Diana Heaps

I have known Shanna for almost six years. In this time,  I have personally witnessed and admired Shanna’s compassion for others.  Through her compassion and kindness, I have seen her help people through some very difficult challenges and critical times in their lives. 
-Julie Steimle 




FIRST - Set up one introductory appointment with a Coach and give coaching a try. See if you like it and the Claritypoint approach.

If you like it, you have a couple options:

Small Group Coaching - These groups have 4-6 women or men. The sessions are done by conference call, every other week for six months. (So you can do the program from the comfort of your home.)You spend 1.5-2 hours with your coach learning the material, having discussions and experiences together as a group. You also have daily homework in between sessions. This consists of a small reading assignment and some journal writing.  Many people love the group format because they learn so much from each other and make some great friends.  This is the most inexpensive way to experience coaching.

Executive Life Coaching - You can work with a coach one on one, meeting weekly to experience the Claritypoint process in it's most life changing format.  You will gain rock-solid self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, time management, motivation repair, and cure your fear of failure forever. This process will be customized to fit your specific needs and schedule. 


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