Full Report Corporate 12 Shapes Survey

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Get the full report for your 12 Shapes Survey for Corporate or Commercial Use.

This is the only way to access all the information about your shape. You will learn how this shape shows up as an employee, a manager and a leader. You will learn how your shape handles conflict and how to motivate and give feedback to this shape.

Once you finish this transaction - we will have your purchase on file.

After you finish the 12 Shapes Survey you will see a button to access your full report here - Click on that button and request your report - it will be emailed to you immediately - as we have record of your purchase.

If you have any problem, think the test wasn't accurate, don't get your report or have any other issues call Kim Giles 801-231-0107


There has been no validity testing on the 12 shapes Relationship System. The research has been experiential only and should not be used solely alone to make any hiring and promoting decisions. Companies and organizations should use interviews and other screening methods along with the 12 Shapes to get the full picture of any person.

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