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Marci Campbell

Healing through hard times Coach

Earlier this year, I got a tattoo. It is small and simple, with a splash of color, placed directly on my inner arm. It holds special meaning for me. It is sunshine with an ocean wave. The sun represents that we cannot live without the sun; It’s essential for life. It also has spiritual meaning about the son of God and his radiant love for us. Lastly, my mom would often sing, “ You are my Sunshine” as an expression of tenderness and affection. The ocean wave reminds me of the ebbs and flows in our lives. We can have great joy in our lives and also have uncertainty and pain hit at any moment. I am also a huge lover of the beach.

About 3 years ago, I lost my 18-year-old son to suicide. This shocking event caused me anger and an aching sense of grief. I was angry at God and myself for being unable to prevent this horrible event. It was totally a shock and I had a surge of anger and loss overcome me. All my plans for the future were suddenly taken from me.  I came to the hard realization that sometimes life can bring us to our knees and leave us
feeling uncertain of our future. I had the misconceived notion that I had control in my own life; everything should go according to my timeline if I was living rightly. This tragedy left me raw, untrusting, and with a great fear of loss . It was through the concern of a friend, who suggested coaching, that I found an answer to my questions about forgiveness, trust and love.

I am far from perfect, but I have discovered a shift in my thinking. I now ask what is this life lesson trying to teach me? How can I extend greater love to myself, and in turn show love to others?  I still have unanswered questions about my journey; however, now I’m able to navigate my challenges with more clarity, hope and healing.

As your life coach, I can help you discover that even through pain, you can find happiness and hope.

Reach out to me for a FREE 30 consultation call to see how I can help.
Also, take the FREE Clarity assessment to see what your fears are and
how to overcome them. Show up as the person you are meant to be! I
will show you how to find healing through hard times.







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FIRST - Set up one introductory appointment with a Coach and give coaching a try. See if you like it and the Claritypoint approach.

If you like it, you have a couple options:

Small Group Coaching - These groups have 4-6 women or men. The sessions are done by conference call, every other week for six months. (So you can do the program from the comfort of your home.)You spend 1.5-2 hours with your coach learning the material, having discussions and experiences together as a group. You also have daily homework in between sessions. This consists of a small reading assignment and some journal writing.  Many people love the group format because they learn so much from each other and make some great friends.  This is the most inexpensive way to experience coaching.

Executive Life Coaching - You can work with a coach one on one, meeting weekly to experience the Claritypoint process in it's most life changing format.  You will gain rock-solid self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, time management, motivation repair, and cure your fear of failure forever. This process will be customized to fit your specific needs and schedule. 


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