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SPEAKER Kimberly Giles

Kimberly Giles

The Human Behavior/People Skills Expert


Hire Kim for an event 


"Kim's presentations are the most fun you can have,
becoming a
better person."

If you eliminate office drama and people problems - you could increase overall productivity by 40%.


Kim Giles will help you and your team understand human behavior, improve people skills and eliminate office drama. Her entertaining and hilarious programs will help your people build teams that aren't threatened by each other, creating collaboration, cooperation and healthy competition.


Kimberly Giles is a sought after executive coach  and entertaining speaker. Her down to earth style, life changing insights and great sense of humor make her a popular choice for community, business and other events. Kim is  professional member of the Nation Speakers Association. She appeares regularly on national and local TV and radio. She was named one of the top 20 advice gurus in the country by Good Morning America in 2010 and has had over 300 articles published in magazines and newspapers. She writes a weekly column published on KSL.COM - She is the author of the new book Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness.  She is also the President and Founder of Claritypoint Coaching and the Claritypoint Coaching Academy.


This is an inspiring and hilariously funny Keynote address.


Anyone can learn how to live without fear and think clear - and what a life you can live!


This can include playing Fear Factor Live onstage with real scary critters - this is especially powerful for sales or direct sales organizations.


Fear is the only thing that stands in your way - and it's not even real.


Kim will teach attendees how to beat the fear of failure once and for all - and live with confidence.  She will teach the secret for beating the fear of loss - the fear that your life won't be good enough - with  this fear out of your way, nothing can stop you.


If you want your attendees lives to change forever in one night - this is the presentation you need.

This is a People Skills training specifically for the High Tech Industry. In this program Kim will teach partipants to understand the way human beings are programmed, how to deal with faulty programming and how to get along with anyone!


This is an entertaining keynote or a hilarious training or breakout session. Coach Kim started her career in High Tech and was computer nerd herself. She spent her college years in the basement computer lab. 


This can be a 1,2 or 3 hour program and can include personal fear assessments for all participants ahead of time.

This program is an amazing corporate training, keynote or breakout session.  Kim is wildly entertaining and your participants will learn everything they need to know to deal with difficult people and make sure they aren't one of them.


Kim will keep them laughing while teaching them communciation and relationship skills that will improve their lives at home and work.


This can be a 1,2 or 3 hour program and can include personal fear assessments for all participants ahead of time.  Kim also offer Team Assessment Reports and Executive Coaching.  Kim will visit with you to put together a training to accomplish your specific goals.


Take the Clarity/Fear Assessment and try it.


"Kim's presentation will blow your mind - and make you see yourself and your life  and your career in a whole new way -
you will never be the same!"

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"I had noticed Kim Giles first by seeing some of her articles written for I noticed immediately that rather than focusing on behavior or superficial methodology, she seemed to be asking her readers to look inside themselves and make improvements to their cores – this resonated strongly with me.


I contacted Ms. Giles and asked her to come make a presentation to Lifetime’s Sales, Marketing and Customer Service people – about 100 people combined. 


I was a little worried when her initial contact with our crew asked them via email to fill out a psychological questionnaire (the fear assessment). I figured that some might have been turned off by this, but once she was in our meeting room, in front of our teams, she immediately won over even the more jaded ones among us with her warmth, openness and just plain goodness.


Selling with a hard edge to a team full of sales professionals would have been difficult, I think, but Ms. Giles talked about how to look inside ourselves, find out what motivates us and what our fears are, and then make improvements.


She talked about how much better teammates we could be if we all understood that each one of us is a package of fears and problems and that if we make allowances for their weaknesses, and treat them with consideration and respect, we will then be the kind of people we’d want others to be.


She brought a box of her books, and I decided to buy them all, but to not distribute them that day, but to put them in my office and see who would come by and request them later. My small market research experiment showed me that our people were touched, interested and eager to read more of what she had to offer in the way of business coaching and life coaching.


I was extremely pleased with what I learned and how we all took the time to think about core principles instead of just processes and workflows. She’s an inspiring and disarmingly open individual, which is very, very refreshing. I admit that I spent days thinking about her presentation and have started working away at her recommending reading list (starting with Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl), and will look for a good time to inviter her back. I wholeheartedly endorse her.


Vince Rhoton

EVP of Sales & Marketing

Lifetime Products, Inc.






This clip is Coach Kim teaching a group how to encourage people to change themselves.
It is a sneaky approach and it works.

"Kim is a breath of fresh air! She gave her time to teach some disadvantaged teens great ideas to help them through their trials. Her enthusiasm and happy attitude draws everyone to her ideas on a more positive life. This was such a wonderful experience to see how these teens could experience a happy life regardless of their environment. They loved her and wished she was their "Mom"!  I highly recommend Kim and her company, she is a delightful caring person with the skill to accomplish your goals."


Jackie Nicholl

"It is a distinct pleasure to recommend Kimberly Giles as a Speaker orTrainer. She recently gave a presentation at Emery County's Benefits Conference. With her zest for life along with her passion to help others our employees where thoroughly entertained as they learned more about themselves and how to better communicate with employees while increasing love and eliminating fear. I, without any reservation, highly recommend Kimberly Giles. She is a tremendous Life Coach with the knowledge and skills to back her up."


Mary Huntington
Personnel Director Emery County



"It was a wonderful presentation that increased my understanding of why I and others behave the way we do. I appreciated that the skills and message were practical and simple because it meant I could put it into practice at that moment (which I ended up needing to do that evening with something I was discussing with my husband).  I feel so much more capable to handle work issues. I really needed this information. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this information with us!"  


-Kristin Lemon,  Ut County Government


Here are some of the comments we received about what we learned from Kim Giles presentation...


  • We can overcome fear through understanding out emotions, feelings and where they come from.

  • Excellent permission questions for communication

  • How to deal with difficult people

  • I love the idea that life is a classroom not a test

  • It was a treat to learn about validating communication

  • How to take charge of your life; not let other people upset you

  • Learn to speak your opinions

  • How to relate to people more and not be so critical about myself

  • I learned that I have the power to determine my value and that I have an impact on how others value themselves

  • That we decide our attitude and how we will react

  • Chill out; love everyone; don't worry about what other think and be confident

  • Everyone is afraid and fear motivates their actions

  • Every day is school; we all have different classes but we are all equal in value

  • When someone lashes out at me - it's not about me, it's something they have going on inside

  • We have a responsibility to be mindful of how we treat others to build a relationship of trust where respectful communication can happen.

In October of 2014, I invited Kim to spend the better part of the day with our sales and management team.  


I subsequently took the fear assessment and review with Kim and was surprised by how accurate the assessment and Kim were with me personally. 


From there, I thought it would be a great idea to bring Kim into that upcoming October 2014 sales meeting.  Kim was an excellent and exciting speaker, keeping the audience involved and interactive with stories, questions, team building, etc. 


Her presentations were exactly what I was looking for – different from the usual “sales trainer” approach and upbeat with humor yet right on point from a business perspective.  Five months later I’m still being complimented by our salespeople and management on what a great day that was. 


For me, it is important to be able to provide our sales and management team with something more personal than just “get out there and sell this way”.  I think everyone in our group was moved by the experience and I believe it has helped each of us to address things in our work and personal life that have caused a fear reaction and has ultimately helped each of us to see things with a little more clarity. 


This is not a one-and-done kind of presentation – Kim’s Clarity Point is something that you may carry with you long after Kim has left the room.  I highly recommend Kim Giles for those organizations looking for something different from the norm and a little more introspective for the audience.  Thanks Kim.


Matt Thorne

Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Hill Brothers Chemical Co.

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