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Free 30 min Coaching Session

You only get one shot at life.

Are you making the most of yours?

30 mins could change everything! The only way to know if coaching will work for you...  is to try it. 

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Your coach is trained and certified to facilitate a science and psychology based coaching process...  that works!


We offer a pressure free coaching session talking about your life and challenges, and we look forward to helping, you even if it only this one time.

"The impact Coaching has made in my life is incalculable. Through Claritypoint I discovered the deep rooted fear that dominated every. aspect. of. my. life. A coach's guidance has given me the ability to live a life motivated by love rather than fear. It’s a gift I can never repay."   

- Judi Bell

"The Claritypoint Program will change your life! With the help of a coach I was able to unravel deep seeded beliefs that were destroying important relationships in my life and deteriorating my self confidence. This program is designed to teach, motivate and inspire change from within. The journey this program will take you on is priceless!"
-Shanna Swayne

"Coaching has changed my life!  What used to be my automatic response to my son and how he acts, is now tempered with T&L - Trust and Love.  As soon as I start to flare up in reaction to something, I now take a deep breath, understand that my response needs to change, and it has already produced 200% improvement in my relationship to him.  It's like HE was the one who received the best 15th birthday present from his Dad!"

-Benoy Tamang

"The Claritypoint coaching program has been phenomenal.  It has been a life changer for me.   I have appreciated the insight from my coach and the expertise she has shared with me through this journey."

- Heather Conley

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