Emily McAllister

 I am Emily McAllister and beyond being a Certified Life Coach I am also an explorer at heart, whether it is nature or exploring new ideas. I work with women 40 and over who are struggling to find direction and meet new challenges as they enter middle life. 

 As a 47-year-old woman with three children,  I have faced my own mid-life challenges, and have a personal understanding of the needs of women in this phase of life.  I have also spent eighteen years consulting and coaching various groups and organizations.  Along my own journey of personal discovery I have found such power in the natural world and will combine the science and psychology-based program of Clarity Pointe with my 35 years of outdoor experience including a degree in Recreation Education and Environmental Science. 

 My coaching is as unique as my clients.  I provide a safe place to harness the greatness within each individual while building confidence and new skills that will help you to thrive at every age. Integrating self-exploration in mid-life with exploration of the natural world, provides confidence, friendships, and growth.  I hope you will trust me as a guide in helping you to climb the mountains of midlife, embark on self-exploration, and find ways to thrive in your life. 

I live in Colorado and am happy to coach in person, online, or over the phone. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!!!!

Climbing the Mountains of Mid Life




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I’ve had so many breakthroughs working with Emily. I’ve developed a better understanding and appreciation of my own skills while coaching with her. She has empowered me to realize that the answers are there, and taught me how to find them. Coaching has become invaluable to me and I look forward to the hour each week I get to spend with her. 

-Becky M.


I first met Emily as a coach through a health program. I was so relieved that she helped me make and reach goals that were tailored for me. I loved working with her so much that after the program was over, I sought her out on LinkedIn to see if she did life coaching. Luckily she said yes and she’s been my life coach ever since. Emily is great at getting into the heart of things, working on a deep level that affects me in several areas of life at once. She never tries to influence me or give “advice” - instead she helps me to align with my own values and I make progress in the ways that I choose. I feel very safe and supported when working with her.

-Annelie M.


As a coach, Emily has helped me by encouraging me to really look inside myself and ask the difficult questions. I can honestly say that I feel like a different person after these last few months of coaching with her. Her knowledge and compassion have given me the tools to dig deep and strive to be better in all aspects of my life. 

-Melissa B.


In the Summer of 2018, I unexpectedly lost my father to cancer and fell into a personal and professional funk. My perceived success as an artist was intertwined with unconscious attitudes about fame, money, and family, but I didn’t have the self-awareness to parse out why or how. 


A colleague introduced me to Emily McAllister’s life coaching practice in the Fall of 2018, and we have been working together consistently since.


Emily helped me to separate my circumstances from my thoughts and feelings about them and has helped me gain the confidence to forge my own path as a creative professional. I’ve made big strides in my life in the time we’ve worked together. 


She is adaptable and patient, demonstrating a knack for knowing when I need new strategies and perspectives, and when I just need to talk. 


I’ve grown a lot over these years, and am grateful to have her in my corner.

-Frank S.


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FIRST - Set up one introductory appointment with a Coach and give coaching a try. See if you like it and the Claritypoint approach.

If you like it, you have a couple options:

Small Group Coaching - These groups have 4-6 women or men. The sessions are done by conference call, every other week for six months. (So you can do the program from the comfort of your home.)You spend 1.5-2 hours with your coach learning the material, having discussions and experiences together as a group. You also have daily homework in between sessions. This consists of a small reading assignment and some journal writing.  Many people love the group format because they learn so much from each other and make some great friends.  This is the most inexpensive way to experience coaching.

Executive Life Coaching - You can work with a coach one on one, meeting weekly to experience the Claritypoint process in it's most life changing format.  You will gain rock-solid self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, time management, motivation repair, and cure your fear of failure forever. This process will be customized to fit your specific needs and schedule. 


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