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Dawne Hole


* If you have a loved child or children suddenly die.


* If you have a major health emergency.


* If your spouse leaves his or her family for a "Partner."


* If you find a child or children using drugs or and alcohol



Dawne can help you. What if your  goals don't seem possible to achieve. She can aid you in meeting not only your goals but by incorporating Clarity Point you can soar! she has the skill of listening and giving you the ability to realize your potential. She has overcome or is overcoming each of those four areas,


She graduated from BYU in 1973, served a full time LDS, and has four children and sixteen grandchildren. She worked in the Corporate world for thirty years. She is an angel of kindness in what she does and is able to do.


"We may find that there are times in our lives when we falter, when we become weary or fatigued or when we suffer a disappointment or heartache. When that happens, I would hope that will preserver with greater effort towards our goal."

             Thomas S. Monson


Professional Life Coach
Breast Cancer/Loss Expert

South Jordan UT





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"I have known Dawne for over six years and she has been my boss, mentor and friend. Dawne knows how to listen, she knows how to ask questions that make you think, there by getting to the heart of your concerns. She has empathy for you and your situation, but can be firm in what she asks of you, getting you to move from where you are where you want to be. Because of the life situations she has been dealt, Dawne has a perspective of what is possible after wading through many heart aches, disappointments and grief. Dawne can keep confidences, don't be afraid to tell her really like it is. She doesn't judge or criticize and she will give you the tools to rebuild your life. Dawne has God given talents in the teaching, listening and help tools arena. If you do what you always have done, you will get what you always have got. However to bring about change, if you do the exercises that you are asked to complete, you can definitely change to a much higher sphere. Dawne is a very talented and successful coach and mentor."

-Joy Bogar


"Dawne helped me to see that I was holding onto ideas that were guiding my life down undesirable pathways. My thoughts were in error and Dawne showed me how I could make better thinking choices and created what I wanted in my life. Dawne helped me to find hope in my hopeless situation and re-discover the person I've always tried to be. She helped me see more clearly and gain the strength I needed to overcome my thinking errors and fears. Now I can see experiences correctly and understand their value (and my own) in each scenario. The silver-lining in each cloud is what I've been looking for, but now I understand how to grow from the rain each cloud brings to my world. I now appreciate life's experiences and have greater hope of playing my part in it more wisely."

-Jeanine Teeples.



FIRST - Set up one introductory appointment with a Coach and give coaching a try. See if you like it and the Claritypoint approach.

If you like it, you have a couple options:

Small Group Coaching - These groups have 4-6 women or men. The sessions are done by conference call, every other week for six months. (So you can do the program from the comfort of your home.)You spend 1.5-2 hours with your coach learning the material, having discussions and experiences together as a group. You also have daily homework in between sessions. This consists of a small reading assignment and some journal writing.  Many people love the group format because they learn so much from each other and make some great friends.  This is the most inexpensive way to experience coaching.

Executive Life Coaching - You can work with a coach one on one, meeting weekly to experience the Claritypoint process in it's most life changing format.  You will gain rock-solid self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, time management, motivation repair, and cure your fear of failure forever. This process will be customized to fit your specific needs and schedule. 


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