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We solve your People Problems... so you can focus on Business

Fear causes bad behavior, office drama, high turnover, frequent mental
health days, low productivity, sales and profit. Fear hinders creativity,

problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork.

We provide training & coaching with daily reinforcement to help
your people manage themselves, life and their work better.

CALL for a FREE consultation 801-231-0107

We have a division called
12 shapes Inc.

Where we help companies create healthy
social eco-systems at work - which means better productivity and teams that really work together. 

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Corporate People Skills Training

We offer a People Skills 101 training that can be a one hour, half day, full day or 2 day experience. 

We offer individual and group executive coaching with the revolutionary Claritypoint Coaching Process, which eliminates fear, clears vision, builds confidence and teaches critical communication and relationship skills.


Kim Giles gives an amazing "Living Fearlessly" Keynote presentation for associations, corporate events, retreats or other events.

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"The average employee wastes at least 5 hours a week dealing with
office conflict, drama and people problems."

 How much money are you losing based on those numbers?


Topics we Address:

Managing Stress

Conflict Resolution


Mental Health in the Workplace

Communication Skills, 

Work/Life Balance

Change Management



Mental Clarity

and understanding Human Behavior


"The Claritypoint Executive Coaching Program and the principles it teaches are solid gold. This was the best decisio I ever made. "

- R. Marker CEO

"Rather than focusing on behavior or superficial methodology, Claritypoint asks us to look inside ourselves and make improvements to our cores – this resonated strongly with me. I wholeheartedly endorse this program."


Vince Rhoton

EVP of Sales & Marketing

Lifetime Products, Inc.

"This is not a one-and-done kind of presentation – Kim’s ClarityPoint is something that you will carry with you long after Kim has left the room.  I highly recommend Kim Giles for those organizations looking for something different from the norm and a little more introspective for the audience.  Thanks Kim."


Matt Thorne

Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Hill Brothers Chemical Co.

Corporate Training or Keynotes 

We offer one hour, half day, full day and multi-day training programs on all the subjects mentioned above.


Our programs are fun, interactive and entertaining and we teach your people critical skills to improve their personal life and professional results.  


Our People Skills 101 is our most popular training - get ready to laugh and learn!


Call Kim 801-231-0107 for more information

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