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Who am I

That is the question I’ve been asking and trying to answer my whole life. Ever since I was a born I have been trying to figure out who I am and if I am good enough. 


This confusion has ruled my past but it will not rule my future.  I have flittered about like a leaf in the wind long enough.  I have listened too long to the voice in my head that judges my value and criticizes my performance. Those days are over, starting today I will see the truth.


I am good enough right now. I am just as I am supposed to be at this point in my journey. My nature is divine and good. My value is infinite and absolute. My value is unchangeable. I am exactly who I am supposed to be right now.


I have everything I need to be successful in life.

I now choose to see my value as infinite and absolute. I choose to see all human beings as having the same value and that value cannot change no matter what we do.


Everyone is on a different journey to learn different lessons. They have different strengths and weaknesses than I do. I honor who they are and realize we all have the same value. I also know they are right where they are supposed to be on their perfect journey too.


I am here in a process of becoming, which is giving me the opportunity to learn, grow and become the person I am meant to be.


The voice of fear (in my head) encourages me to be selfish, defensive and protective. It wants me to focus on myself and not see the needs of others.


I choose to feel safe in the world. I choose to see the universe as on my side, constantly conspiring to serve me and grow me. I choose to feel safe so I am capable on focusing on others.


When I know my value can’t change and my journey is perfect – there is nothing to fear. In this state I can be my best, sell by serving and build good relationships.

I am now creating the life I want. I choose gratitude instead of complaining. I choose trust instead of fear.  I am making love-based decisions and connections every day.


The voice of fear wants me to see people as better or worse than me, instead of seeing them accurately as the same.


I choose to see people as the same as me, and see them with wisdom and compassion. Through understanding my fears I also understand other people. I understand they only behave badly when they are scared. They need validation and reassurance to quiet their fears.


On occasion the voice of fear in my head may encourage me to be selfish, unkind, immature or mean. These experiences help me learn about forgiveness, love and compassion. I will not let mistakes and weaknesses define me. 


I am not my mistakes.

I am not what I do.

I am not what I look like.

I am not my weight or my clothing.

I am not what others think I am.  

I am not my social position or my job.

I am not my performance.

I am so so much more.  


I am a unique and incomparable soul in process, on my own unique and perfect journey of becoming.


I am exactly who I am meant to be right now and I have everything I need, to realize my full potential.


I have nothing to fear.

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