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Bootcamp Testimonials:

"This was not my first experience with working on self improvement, but by far, bootcamp has been the best. I feel confident that I have been given the correct tools to shed a lifetime of fears and "stories" created to support those fears.   In this program I solidified my belief system that everyone is of the same unique, unchangeable value, myself included and learned how to use that principle in a powerful way.  There have been a handful of life-changing experiences in my life.  This has been one of them.  The coaches guide us through a step-by-step process that amazingly works.  I say "amazingly" because it really does facilitate a pivotal change in thinking, which leads to the wanted change in behavior. I am confident in going forward, knowing that as I continue to practice these skills and use the tools given, that I will have an underlying peace and confidence in my journey through this classroom called life.  I cannot thank Kim and Nicole enough for coaching me through this process and for the class members who shared their time with me."

- Dorothy Stephens


"Boot camp has been exactly what I was looking for. I needed tools to help me see clearly and gain a new perspective about life and it's challenges and uncertainties. At the end of the 8 week program, I now have a new perspective and create the life I want. I'm able to see fear and choose to trust instead. I feel like I have so many options now. This program has made all the difference. I love this program so much, I'm teaching it to my children. This is the best investment I have ever made! Thank you Kim and Nicole. 
Thank you again!"

- Jen Croft 

"This has been one of the most absolutely uplifting and inspiring programs I have ever participated in.  I have been in therapy and other types of group treatments and not one even comes close to helping me as much as this one did.  This program is really a toolbox of realistic and everyday tools that have helped me to change how I view myself, others, and the world.  I am learning to love, forgive and accept myself. I am empowered and excited about life.  If anyone is considering this course, take it!  You deserve this!  It was worth every single penny - and finances are very tight with me. This program is 100% worth it.  I will be practicing the principles and concepts I learned every day.  I cannot stress enough how much this has changed my life.  Kim and Nicole are amazing.  They love and support their clients unconditionally. Best investment I have ever made in myself - and I am worth it - and so are you!

- VaLynne Bowers

"I was excited for the opportunity to take the course specifically with Kim and Nicole.  I love Kims book and saw this as an opportunity to learn from her regarding the things in the book.  My wife questioned whether or not meeting with a group would be as beneficial as meeting one on one.  I really enjoyed the group discussions because it allowed me to see what others are going through, to see that others struggle with the exact same things I struggle with, and to see how each of them were working to overcome the fears that plague each of us in our lives.  Yes, things definitely got into personal struggles and there was no feeling of judgment from the rest of the group.  Taking the group course was definitely a benefit and a blessing to me.  Thank you again for the course."

-Travis Schaugaard 


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