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Bishop's Testimonials:

"I have been remiss in thanking you for the event I attended a few weeks ago.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn about my PI. Kim, I want to thank you for your genius.  Over three years ago when I became a bishop, I discovered some of your articles.  I instantly saw what you were teaching were true principles.  In my mind, they are principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ but described in a way that others can use them on a more practical level.  I believe you have a genius to explain things on a practical level that helps people understand how to change.  I use your articles frequently to help others in my ward.

The event helped me think about the clarity formula in a different light.  Focusing on our choices I think is a really powerful message.  This of course resonates with the LDS faith due to our strong belief in the gift of agency.  I think your message explained with LDS gospel doctrine would help a lot of LDS people.  Thanks again."

- Bishop Rob Critchfield, WA


"Boot camp has been exactly what I was looking for. I needed tools to help me see clearly and gain a new perspective about life and it's challenges and uncertainties. At the end of the 8 week program, I now have a new perspective and create the life I want. I'm able to see fear and choose to trust instead. I feel like I have so many options now. This program has made all the difference. I love this program so much, I'm teaching it to my children. This is the best investment I have ever made! Thank you Kim and Nicole. 
Thank you again!"

- Jen Croft, member

"I love how you teach the gospel and I'm happy to provide an endorsement. 

Andrew (Bishop Scott)

"Although I am relatively new to the book of “Choosing Clarity,” but it rings true to my heart and actually many of the concepts are ideas that I have shared with those whom we serve.  What I have found (and stunningly so) is that I have never internalized the concepts myself.  Have believed them for others and even taught some form of them to my children, but reading the book has opened a brand new chapter in my own life. ”


- Sister Donna Jones, Coordinator Davis County LDS Addiction Recovery Program

"I read extensively and could never limit the list of books that contain precious truth and principles that have impacted my life for good. But if the number of times I have read and shared from a given book is a fair measure of my value for its contents, then the scriptures—and specifically the Book of Mormon—must rank the highest. Then followed by The Infinite Atonement which I am currently studying for the fifth time. Next comes the ideas shared by Kim Giles in her articles and in her book titled Choosing Clarity. 

Kim has gift for sharing many principles of the atonement and the plan of salvation in easy to understand terms that empower the reader to exercise faith and hope in the purpose of their life experiences.

Her book is intentionally written at a reading level that does not require an advanced education to understand. She is also adept at sharing these principles in the vocabulary of the gospel with members in church settings. 

While serving in a large YSA ward I found that her teaching style conveyed hope and healing to young members with myriad difficult challenges and experiences in their lives. I purchased dozens of copies of her book to share with the young members of my ward as well as with family and business associates in all walks of life. I saw such positive impacts in the lives of these loved ones who read her materials. 

When my son and daughter-in-law were facing daunting fears and challenges my wife and I babysat their children so they could meet with Kim who greatly strengthened their faith and trust in the Lord and His divine plan for them to get through a very challenging time. 

On a personal level my wife and I rarely go a day—especially when challenges arise—without discussing and reminding each other of the Lord’s Atonement and plan for our learning and exaltation, expressed in terms that have become familiar and safe to us from studying and discussing Kim’s articles and books.

We truly believe life is a classroom designed to give us the experiences we need to help us become like our Father in Heaven. We are grateful beyond expression for the safety net of the Atonement to help us repent and try again when we fall short. 

I recognize that truth is eternal and unchanging. What I appreciate about Kim is that she has found a way to express the truths of the atonement and the gospel in terms that are timely for our society and which counteract the many false and destructive messages of the adversary prevalent in our world today."

- Bishop Gary B. Godfrey

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