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We make happiness simple.

Our revolutionary programs make changing your life simple and easy.

Become a Successful Coach

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Do you want to learn how to have a successful business as a coach and help clients live happier and have better relationships?

Schedule a call today and find out why our time-tested program and resources can help you create or improve your current coaching business.

Find a CPC Certified Coach


Are you looking for some help to get unstuck, improve your relationship, or your self-esteem? We have certified coaches ready to assist at a price you can afford.

Our Coaches have a time-tested proven process to help you make fast changes and improve your life and relationships.

Learn about yourself

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Take 10 minutes and try our FREE Clarity assessment - see what your Core Fear is and what your value systems can teach you about your current behavior.

We email you a FREE 20 page report all about how you subconsciously see the world and are driven. 

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About us:

I am Kimberly Giles (Coach Kim), the founder and CEO of Claritypoint Coaching. I have been a master coach, corporate trainer, developer of curriculum, and training and certifying coaches for almost 20 years. Our revolutionary coaching programs stand out in the field, because they are simple, science and psychology based, simple to learn, and they work. Clients and participants around the world have found freedom from the fears and beliefs that were damaging their self-esteem and relationships. They have discovered how to live in CLARITY (seeing themselves, others and life accurately) and how it completely removes their fear and changes everything. 

Our Coach Training programs provide everything you need to start and succeed in business as a personal coach, mentor, or healer. We provide world class materials (customized to your personal brand), in-depth personal training, 24/7 support, and ongoing monthly marketing training for free... and for less than most programs cost.  But, the part coaches love most is the dramatic difference the programs make in their own lives. Claritypoint changes everyone in profound and lasting ways, and gives you the happiness mind training you've always needed to live the best life possible. 

Find out for yourself by giving us a test drive. Read Coach Kim's famous articles on any topic you need help with. Take our personal Clarity Assessment for FREE and learn about the fears and beliefs currently in your way. Take us up on a FREE 30 minute coaching session or join us for a Free coaching call.

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