Parenting Purposefully 

A Full Day Parenting Workshop changes everything




Join us in SLC Utah on

Friday March 31st

For a full-day Workshop

You can expect the following from this event:

  • Practical tools that will change your relationships with your children

  • Greater understanding as to what drives, scares and motivates each of your children

  • New principles to challenge your existing parenting approaches - when you know better you can do better!

  • Insights into your behavior that gets triggered by you children - you will learn how to truly connect and communicate with your kids

During this event you will experience a parenting awakening! You will finally understand your children and their behavior and receive the instruction manual you had hoped they came with!


This sounds like a big promise but we assure you having transformed thousands of families with this methodology your family and family dynamics will never be the same!

Join us for Parenting Purposefully to up-skill yourself, your suppose and your family!

This is a full day parenting workshop with Nicole Cunningham and Kim Giles.

Spend the whole day learning about your children/teens and how to parent them right!

There are only 30 seats (this will go fast)

FRIDAY MARCH 31st - 9am-5pm price includes lunch

Claritypoint Center 2651 W. 10400 S. #101A
South Jordan UT 84095

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