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Kim Possible Bike Team

To ride for a cure with JDRF in Tucson, AZ November 21 -24th


& Patrick 


We are riding for Katherine McCullough and in memory of Tiffany Baker - but we are also riding to inspire people battling chronic illness to live life and do hard things  in spite of disease.



Let me tell you a couple stories that explain why you want to do this:


First, we have a little girl named Katherine McCullough who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 11 yrs old. It broke her father’s heart to hear her crying herself to sleep, night after night asking, “Why did this have to happen to me?”


Katherine’s father Scott promised her that help was coming and through JDRF found a way to raise money for diabetes research.

Scott is Kim Giles brother. Katherine is her niece. (Scott and his oldeste daughter Maggie McCullough are also riding in the race.)


Kim’s life was affected by diabetes again when her best friend’s daughter Tiffany died from diabetes complications at 19 years of age. After these two events, Kim Giles became committed to helping her brother keep his promise and ride for a cure.


Kim, herself, is another part of this story. She is a popular motivational speaker, trainer, life coach and author here in Utah, but she has also been battling autoimmune disease for over 25 years. She suffers from Fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s syndrome, both of which make exercise a challenge. She experiences pain on a daily basis and endures complications from Sjögren's syndrome that make exercise difficult. But she is absolutely committed to riding 111 miles for Katherine and Tiffany.


What you need to know about Kim Giles is she spends literally every waking hour helping other people (even though she is in pain much of the time). At the writing of this letter the farthest she has ridden on her bike, to date, is 53 miles.


But if you know her at all, she will do it!


Kimberly Ishoy, our second Kimberly, works for the LDS church in the IT department, and suffers with type 1 diabetes herself. Because of complications from diabetes she has undergone numerous surgeries and gained weight, which makes exercise and especially hill climbs extremely difficult.  But Kim has not let that stop her. She was able to cover 80 miles last month (an easier ride though), inspiring everyone who saw her. It is amazing to see her pushing so hard up those hills, when most would think it impossible. Her legs are covered with scars because she has fallen so many times, but she won’t quit.  


She also serves as the Relief Society President in her LDS ward, and is dedicated to serving others. 
Her goal is to ride 65-80 miles in Tucson (a more challenging ride).


These two Kimberly’s are the reason I am asking you to consider donating to JDRF in their names.  I am the husband of Kim Giles and I will be riding as support team with the ladies.


Both of these women have suffered most of their lives with serious autoimmune disease issues, (along with many other challenges) but they are not letting any of that stop them. They are out there riding, rain or shine, pushing to get in shape. It's inspiring to me.


They are also inspiring people with chronic illness all over the country, to push themselves harder and discover what they can do, despite these diseases.  Would you consider making a (tax deductible) donation to JDRF to sponsor them in the race?


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