GYST Teen Coaching

Do you feel like you're stuck or failing everywhere?


Are you unmotivated or feeling lost or confused?


Are you depressed, discouraged or anxious?

We can help you get

it together!

We have a FREE class for teens and young adults only (no parents) on Tuesday nights at 7pm
at 2651 W. 10400 S. #101A  South Jordan

Nicole is masterful at working with teens and getting them engaged in driving a successful future for  themselves. She knows how to get them motivated, improve their self-worth and thriving in life.

We also offer an 8 week or a 12 week course where your teen will get to figure out the real reasons they are stalled, stuck and being stupid. They will get redirected, motivated, focused and figure out where they are going and how to get there. 


Call Tiffany to schedule a free consultation with Nicole 801-201-8315