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Teaching individuals and organizations to eliminate fear.

Kim Giles is coming to Emery County

Employee Training Seminar

March 26th 2014

75 East Main Street in the Swell Room.




We would like to invite all County Employees to take the Personal Fear Assessment before the seminar.


This is an amazing assessment that shows where fear has affected your subconscious thought processes and how they can influence your thoughts, feelings and behavior.


Your confidential report will be emailed to you - and you must bring it with you to the event. (Emery County will not see these - this is for your personal use only)


Please take the report as soon as possible before March 21st - so we will have time
to get it back to you.


Enter "Emery County" in the Occupation slot

Executive Coach Kim Giles will teach your group how to eliminate office drama, lessen annoying behavior, manage difficult people and gain clarity about the human race. She is both wildly entertaining and extremely educational and will leave your group understanding fear at a new level.

This highly rated program will help you...

- gain clarity and see situations accurately.

- understand your own behavior.

- understand others behavior.

- gain confidence and handle difficult conversations with ease.

- handle difficult and annoying people with love and strength.

- eliminate office drama and politics.

- improve your relationships and communication skills.

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